About Us


Introducing MAKE Art Lab !!!  A craft studio, camp, event space for children and adults.We are located in the heart of Hackensack, NJ. Calling all crafters and would be crafters. Let's get together and make cool stuff. Crochet, sewing, jewelry making, soap making, every kind of DIY...you name it we make it! We're bringing back the lost art of making in an awesome way. MAKE Art Lab was founded by DIY expert Crystal Sharpe-Hampton. I am a craft professional who saw a need for fun, approachable crafts activities for creative (but busy) people. I took my knowledge of the crafts industry, combined it with the NYC DIY scene, added in delicious food, great style, and good music–and Make Art Lab was born. I'm just ecstatic!!!  MAKE Art Lab is a bright, cheerful, airy creative space that offers a full schedule of modern craft and DIY classes.