Welcome to Make Art Lab, where our mission is to teach, promote and preserve the art of making things by hand.

MAKE Art Lab is a bright, cheerful, airy creative loft space that offers a full schedule of modern art, craft and DIY classes, workshops, camps, events and parties.

Nothing is off-limits. “Making” courses and workshops range from sewing, crocheting, sculpting, painting, screen printing, fine art to street art, jewelry making, candle making, soap making, film making and more. We host special events and parties for all ages.


MAKE Art Lab

is a one-of-a-kind artisanal craft studio experience and creative center offering workshops in traditional skills, studio arts, MAKE-IT-YOURSELF projects, visual technology  and sustainable practices. Whenever possible, recycled materials are used, choosing to make better choices with less of an impact on the earth.